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Working outside of London

Waterloo Station

London is generally considered the obvious choice of location when searching for a job in Property, Architecture jobs or to further your Interior Design career. However, with a shift in our work/life balance it may well be high time that we begin exploring other areas of the UK.

Here’s our reasons for considering an Architecture/Property/Interior Design job outside of London:

1. Smaller Candidate market

As a result of London being considered “the only place to go” the candidate market is incredibly competitive making it harder for you to secure that dream job as there are a streak of equally qualified individuals lined up for the same role.

2. Cost of living

It is no secret that living in London is very expensive, and the comparative remuneration is considered to not be in-line with this (see the results of our Architectural Salary Survey here). Socialising within the city also pulls heavy on the purse strings therefore effecting your downtime too.

3. Commute

Whether you live in London or not there will always be some level of a commute – and that’s both time and money taxing. A long commute can have a heavy impact on your work/life balance and leave you with little pennies and time left for “you time”.

4. A change of scenery

Life in London is fast paced and there’s a large range of social and professional activities that you can do and this is one of the allures of the capital. If you’re after a slightly slower pace, or even a change of scenery imagine being able to explore Dartmoor after work with the dog, or catch a wave in Newquay whenever you like. Going with the theme of work/life balance above, what you do outside of work can have an impact on your working life as you need to feel fulfilled in both.

5. Growing number of AJ practices outside of London (Architecture only)

For Architecture specifically, practices outside of London are gaining traction with their work, and many projects are now outside of the city. Last year the Architecture Journal Awards, saw winners in Liverpool, Cambridge and Manchester. See last years’ winners here.

We currently have over 70 jobs available that are based outside of London covering all areas of the property industry. Search our jobs here.

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