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Architectural Salary Survey results are in

Salary Survey main

The results of Hunter Dunning’s UK Architectural Salary Survey are now in and show that over half the industry are dissatisfied with their current pay.

The salary survey, which began in November 2018 concluded with over 380 responses from UK candidates. The questionnaire was centred around experience and remuneration received and asked respondents what their job title was, how much they were currently paid, if this was fair and if not then how much should they realistically be receiving. We also asked how long they had been working in the industry and the region they worked in.

Salary Satisfaction

Just over half of respondents feel they are underpaid. While 40% feel their salary reflects their work and experience. 7% admitted being overpaid. On average, across all roles people feel they should be earning £6.5k more than their current wage. Some just £1k, others over £20k

The most prominent reasons for deserving of higher pay include:

  • Not in-line with RIBA standards/salary scales
  • Not reflective of work and time given
  • Architects are underpaid generally
  • Clients not charged enough so not being passed on to staff
  • No pay rise in-line with inflation and cost of living

There does not seem to be any identifiable correlation between number of years served and salary satisfaction.

Salary figures

The average salary across the whole industry is £42k – this includes entry level through to senior management and Directors.

There is approximately a £5k difference between the average London salary vs. out of London. For example, the average salary at Director level in London is £72k, outside of London is £69k.

Architect salaries vary greatly depending on experience. The graph below gives an indication of the number of years industry experience against remuneration earned.


We have over five thousand pieces of data as a result of our recent survey. If you would like to know any further statistics and insights, whether for a particular area or job role, please get in touch with marketing@hunterdunning.co.uk or call 01243 779789.

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