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New Year new job for 2019

New year new goals

The New Year is all about new beginnings. Whether it is starting a hobby or vowing to take more walks in the great outdoors. It is also time of staking stock of where you are and what you want to achieve this year. A new job could be just the ticket in starting afresh in the pursuit of happiness.

The new year is the perfect time to dust of your CV and start your job hunting. Hunter Dunning has several articles to help you, packed with CV writing tips!

See our CV writing tips and interview tips here

Hunter Dunning has Architecture Jobs, Interior Design jobs and Property jobs available across the UK. Our featured jobs include:

So, if your new year’s resolution is to earn more money, find a new challenge, or take the next step on your career ladder then do one small thing towards it today – send us your CV and see where it might lead. 2019 awaits!

Send your CV to consult@hunterdunning.co.uk or call one of the Hunter Dunning team on 01243 779789.