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Top 5 Things an Interior Designer Will Notice in Your Home

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Spring is fast approaching, so we’ve taken a look at the top 5 things that an Interior Designer would notice when entering a home. If any of these below are something that apply to your home, it may be time to make some changes.


When dressing your sofa with cushions it’s imperative to ensure that they are large and plump – No one likes a small saggy cushion, they can look messy and their purpose of being comfy no longer exists.

Interior Design Cushions


It may not be rocket science and it’s not something you see visually, but smell is one of the top things a guest will notice when entering your home. If it smells of last nights fish pie then it’s not going to be the most appealing place for a guest to get comfortable, if it smells of luxurious candles your home will instantly feel cosy, clean and somewhat more valuable. Fresh flowers is always a must too!

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Curtain length is surprisingly important. Curtain’s should always touch the floor but still holding a nice amount to ruche up at the top to dress the window. Swinging from the ground and seeing a tiny part of the wall may not seem like a big deal, but it makes a huge difference. They either need to be the length of the window or down to the floor, no in-between.

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Having too much furniture can instantly make a home feel cluttered, as does too much ‘stuff’. There should be enough furniture to make the home cosy but not too much that you can’t walk around the furniture or feel as though you can breathe.  For example, you may think that positioning your sofa against the wall will make the room feel more spacious, but it actually does the opposite. Try moving it away from the wall, it will be surprisingly pleasing on the eye. Remember – Less is usually more.

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Light, light, light! Natural light in a home is so important, not just for the way your home looks and feels but also for your mental health. Sitting in a gloomy dark room is never good for your mood so why would you have dark heavy curtains that block out the light from the room? Get the windows open, get the sheer voiles blowing and we promise you will feel fresh this spring!

Light interior design

Matthew Trussler, Interior Design Recruitment Consultant, recently spoke to an Assistant Interior Designer, Marzena Kotarska who previously worked for MILC Design. She said that she feels the most important thing when entering a home is that “it has a sense of being both a communal space but can also feel intimate when needed, she said areas for reading are key as well for making a space homely”

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