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'Construction Corridor' to Create Over 400 New Jobs

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It was announced on the 16th of January 2020 that the Government made their first move to make the North of England the world-leader in creating contemporary, green homes, creating the “Construction Corridor” that runs through from Leeds to Liverpool. 

Housing Minister, Esther McVey visited Leeds factory and has announced there will be over 400 new jobs created whilst in the production of delivering over 3000 homes per year to the area. These jobs will vary from Manufacturing Engineers to Architectural Technicians/ Technologists and the plan is to bring greener, safer and cheaper homes that will be better for our planet and our bank account. Esther wants to create a “corridor” of prefab house building factories across the North of England from Leeds to Liverpool but the Government’s housing agency has given most of the £38million construction cash to councils in the South. 

The Conservative frontbencher made a speech in Sheffield to encourage the North’s major cities to invest in modular housing. She predicted the modular housing industry could become Britain’s hi-tech manufacturing answer to Silicon Valley and could be worth £40billion post-Brexit.


  • Quality and safety – These homes could have up to 80% fewer defects 
  • Speed – They will be manufactured offsite with less disruption than onsite construction 
  • Reduction of carbon footprint – These new homes have the potential to contribute to the reduction of carbon emissions by a significant amount. They are said to be more energy-efficient homes and reduced construction waste 
  • Skills – Production lines will have companies take apprentices and train them on specific tasks (Regardless of their background) 

During Esthers visit to the Leeds factory, the Housing Minister met with apprentices at the Legal & General Modular Academy. The apprentices are learning the important new skills in modern methods of construction to deliver the highest quality, green homes. 

Housing Minister Esther McVey says: 

I want the UK to become the world leader in modular homes within the next 10 years, with safety, quality and choice at its heart. 

Homes built using modern methods can be of higher quality, greener and built to last. 

With our emphasis on safety, quality and beauty, the North of England could be the global leader in modern methods of construction. 

Today’s announcement shows Leeds is wasting no time in investing in new technology and getting Britain building. (1) 

The new modern methods of construction are completely evolving house building today by using cutting-edge technologies to deliver much needed homes that are greener, safer and cheaper.  

The new housebuilding techniques will involve homes being manufactured offsite and then assembled onsite, meaning homes will be built in days rather than months. It has also been said that they will have up to 80% fewer defects and reduce heating bills by up to 70%. Who wouldn’t want one of these homes? 

Rosie Toogood, CEO of Legal & General Modular Homes says: 

“What we are doing at Legal & General Modular Homes is ground breaking.  We have taken a high-tech engineering approach to developing our product range, designing and manufacturing homes in a truly innovative way that will transform the way homes are built in the UK.  

As a Group, Legal & General takes a holistic view on the built environment. We are delivering economic and social solutions for towns and cities through regional regeneration. We believe Modular Manufacturing is vital to delivering much needed homes, alongside supporting new skilled jobs and productivity growth for the UK.” (1) 


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