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Why candidates could be ghosting you and how to avoid it

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In the spirit of Halloween we felt it would be most appropriate to share some information on candidates ghosting potential employers and how you can help to avoid that happening. 

Ghosting has become an unwanted trend over the past few years which can cause an array of issues when recruiting. Not only can it slow down your recruitment, but can take you right back to the beginning of your recruitment process if you have offered the candidate the role and have your heart set on that particular individual with no second choiceNot fun, right?  

As recruiters, we experience it quite often where a candidate will vanish into thin air with no warning at all, leaving us with the unpleasant job of notifying the employer that the candidate won’t be attending their interview, or worse – they haven’t responded to a job offer at all, leaving everyone hanging on for their response. Equally, we have experienced companies ghosting a candidate, leaving them in the dark on whether or not they will get the job, and by the time the employer responds, the candidates already gone.  

We’ve gathered a list of ways to help you avoid being ghosted by a candidate to ensure your recruitment process is as speedy and efficient as possible.  

1.) Good first impressions 

Imagine you’re a candidate and you’ve sent a job application across for a company that you really want to work for, but then it takes the company over two weeks or longer to respond to your application. This waiting game has already set the standard in the candidate’s mind that you’re going to be slow throughout the whole process or that you’re just not interested at all. As a result of this, the candidate will most likely find another job elsewhere.  

Did you know that 55% of job seekers report their negative experiences as reviews online? Something key to remember here too is that candidates talk and the more that they talk, the more likely you are to gain a bad reputation for the company resulting in more candidates ghosting you. Here is where the vicious circle begins. 

2.) Don’t blend in with the crowd 

Many people underestimate the power of a good job description. The more information about your company and what you offer, the better. If your company offers amazing benefits (even things like a nice working environment and flexible working hours), shout out about it! A work environment is worth more to most candidates than the job itself, so a good job description is absolutely vitalThis will also help your recruiter get a solid understanding of how the business operates to sell the role to candidates too.  

3.) Don’t let your recruitment process lack empathy and a personal touch 

We are all human and we all have feelings. Beginning your recruitment process may be daunting with floods of CV’s coming through and only a small handful of those being suitable (this is where we step in, so you don’t have to waste your time filtering through job applications!). Although it can be tedious checking through numerous applications, it’s important to remember that candidates are human and it’s good to be mindful of their feelings when letting them down or giving feedback on their interview. This will also ensure that they will pass on positive information to their friends or colleagues who may one day interview with you too.  

It’s also good to consider your candidateexisting commitments when booking their interview slot, if they are currently employed somewhere else it might mean their availability is limited. It has been said that a candidate is much more likely to attend their interview if it is booked in the morning rather than the afternoon.  

4.) Your competition 

It’s always good to keep in mind that your dream candidate is more than likely applying for roles with other companies of interest. If they’re applying for roles whilst waiting for a response from you, the other companies are likely to be at the forefront of their mind, so it’s important that you continue to feed your candidate positive information about the company and remind them why they applied to work with you in the first place.  

Are you recruiting? 

If you’re struggling with your recruitment process and want to discuss your requirements or issues you may be having with candidates, get in touch with our team of recruitment experts.  

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