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What to look for in a Recruitment Consultant

Recruitment Consultant list

Whether you’re an employer looking to fill a job, or a candidate looking for that dream job, you want to make sure you are dealing with a Recruitment Consultant who is going to get you the best possible outcome for your objectives.

Having a Recruitment Consultant that you know and can trust with your requirements is important. You need to be assured that they know and have absorbed what you want from them and will act accordingly for the success of both parties.

We have written a list of points to consider when choosing your Recruitment Agency and Consultant.

1. Expertise in sector

You want to speak with a person who understands the industry that you work in. If you say the word “Revit” or “AutoCAD” you want to be assured that they know what you are talking about. They may not necessarily have had to work in an Architect or Interior Design role for example, but a good understanding of what you want is a must so the right person is placed in the right job.

2. Human

We live in a technological age where many processes are automated and faceless. While there is a place for this, recruitment still needs a human element. Much like expertise in the sector, expertise in recruitment ensures a human uses their judgement and experience to successfully match a CV to a job both job specification wise but also person specific and cultural fit. A human being is going to get to know and understand culture in a was a computer can’t. After all, you wouldn’t hire a computer to do a Building Surveyor job.

3. Scripted

You want a recruitment expert not just a sales person. A script may be used as an ice breaker but after that you want two-way natural conversation to ensue. Reading off a script does not build a relationship and does not pull out key elements of what you are looking for in a candidate or employer. This is an extension of the “human” element as before – a script is not human!

4. Response time

If you are looking to fill a job or start a job quickly or beat the competition you want a swift response from your recruitment agency. While it comes with the territory that there is a degree of wait while decisions are made on both sides, communication to say all is in hand is just that little bit of human reassurance that you are important to them and not just another number.

5. Recommendations

Want to know other people’s experiences of working with a recruiter? Why not check out their LinkedIn or other feedback source (Google, website, etc) and find out what other clients/candidates have to say. This will give you a real-life example of your own likely success rate with the recruiter.


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