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What NOT to put on your CV

CV Checklist

An unprofessional or badly written Curriculum Vitae (CV) isn’t going to do anyone any favours. It is a waste of an employer’s time and will unfortunately end up in the bin meaning you don’t get that desired job.

At Hunter Dunning, we are committed to ensuring your CV is in its best possible shape to secure that role and start your dream career in Architecture, Interior Design or Property.

We’ve put together our top suggestions on what NOT to include on your CV, BEFORE it even reaches our inboxes:

1.) Make sure it is addressed to the right person

Whether you’re sending your CV to a recruitment agency or directly to the company, ensure that you are addressing your correspondence to the person dealing with the vacancy. You can usually find this information on the company website or job advert. Avoid sending emails to an info@ type address unless specifically told to.

2.) Don’t have generic cover notes or letters

It is easy to see through a blanket message, created to send to anyone without customisation for the role. It’s ok to use a skeleton to start with but ensure your message has been tailored for the company and the role. Include specific points about the company such as you admire its ethos or a piece of architecture they have designed. Say what architectural experience you can bring to that role by matching your CV to the job specification. This not only shows you have read and understood the role, but also helps them to see what you will bring to position.

3.) Don’t over complicate the design

Your CV design matters, but sometimes less is more! Our industry is usually design led, and if you are looking for jobs in interior design you may be a very creative individual. However, keep the design simple and uncomplicated so that the content shines through. You should limit the number of colours used and keep patterns to a minimum or not at all. Watermarks aren’t really necessary but if used ensure they do not effect the readability of the text.

4.) Don’t include photos or your date of birth

Once upon a time it was a requirement to include your date of birth on your CV and some jobs requested a portrait of the individual. You should not include either of these and If you are asked to provide them you have the right to refuse without prejudice. Property recruitment does not require jobs to be based on age or physical attributes and therefore it would be questionable as to why any candidate was ever asked for this.

5.) Don’t use an unprofessional email address

This happens more than you think. While princessbanana@ or dungeonmaster2000@ may be appealing to you, it doesn’t scream professional in regard to applying for an architecture job or jobs in property management. Email addresses with your name are best. This can be followed by numbers if your name is already taken but avoid using your date of birth where possible.

6.) Don’t lie

Lying on your CV is a big no no and no doubt you will eventually be caught out. For example, many of our Architecture jobs require Revit skills. As such if you include “Revit” on your CV it is likely you will be required to pass a Revit test during the recruitment process. If you have fraudulently put this on your CV then you will likely fail the test – wasting both your own time and that of the client and ours. Similarly, it is best to be honest about any gaps in employment, or your education grades. You never know what will come back to bite you in the future!

7.) Don’t write in the third person

You wouldn’t sit in an interview referring to yourself in the third person so therefore there is no need on your CV. All recruiters know that the CV is about you, so statements are the best way forward. For example: “Worked within a large property management team within the residential sector”.

8.) Check grammar and spelling

All jobs to some extent require good use of the English language. Whether you are applying for an interior design job or architecture job, ensuring your CV is written well is paramount to securing a role. Always use a spell checker on your CV and where possible have someone else have a glance over the document for you. A helpful hint with spelling is to read the text backwards as it takes away context allowing you to concentrate on spelling.

Once your CV is at the top of it’s game it is time to start making those all-important applications.

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