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What NOT to do in an interview

What not to do in an interview

We often advise our candidates what to write on their CV or how to conduct oneself in an interview. We also warn on what NOT to do during an interview.

Some tips may seem obvious, while others may come as a surprise. For example don’t wear trainers to a professional office job interview may seem as obvious one but actually there may be a medical case for it which can be backed up with a doctor’s note and pre-warning the interviewer.

See our list below for what you should not do in an interview

1. Smoke before you go in

Smelling of smoke is not going to make you a particularly appealing candidate. While of course you have the right to smoke in your personal life, smelling of smoke at an interview may be offputting to your employer as it can be quite an overpowering smell.

2. Be scruffy

While it is fine to have a level of uniqueness to your attire, ensure you are presentable and tidy for an interview. Being “scruffy” you may give the idea that you don’t really want the job or won’t put yourself out for your work.

3. Lie

Similar to your CV, don’t lie about your hobbies or experience in order to secure a job. Saying you like “fishing” when you’ve never gone may sound good and outdoorsy but if your interviewer is a keen angler they may catch you in that lie.

4. Talk about the three no nos: Religion, Politics and Money

Unless you are going for a job as a priest, politician or applying for a mortgage there should not be any reason to bring up these subjects. The only exception would be if you are discussing budgets or salary.

5. Answer your mobile

Don’t even have your mobile phone in view as not to be tempted to even glance at it. Answering a text or call, unless an absolute emergency, is incredibly unprofessional.

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