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UK residents consider living in an unconventional property

Unconventional Property

A new study has found that over half of property owners would consider a step away from conventional living in favour of a more “creative” setting.

Respondents of the survey by BLP Insurance, said they were pondering the notion of living permanently in a boat, tree house, barn conversion or even a warehouse. We’ve even seen some intriguing unconventional properties made from cargo containers.

Modern life has an immense amount of pressure and mental health is strongly affected by one’s home life (alongside other life stresses). Therefore, it is no surprise people are looking to different ways of living to improve their environment and overall happiness. For example, many homeowners are researching interior styling to improve mental health.

Unconventional Properties

For others this is living completely “off the grid”. While this sounds exciting, it is just not possible for most. A compromise can be looking at a home that isn’t your typical house or flat. 42% of respondents said they wanted to be more creative with their surroundings – especially the 35-54 year old market (61%). The over 55s however (42%) were most likely to favour their more traditional settings.

The most popular alternative type of home is a converted building at 24%. This is followed by boats at 20%, eco-homes such as houses made of straw bales at 19%, treehouses at 9% and yurts at 4%.

32% were environmentally conscious with “eco-friendly homes” being a strong reason for seeking out something different. This is not a new thing. As we covered last year, there’s going to be a 60% rise in UK eco-friendly homes in the next three years. Alternative living for environmental factors goes hand in hand with this.

What the experts say

Director at BLP Insurance, Phil Harris said: “The days when most middle-aged homeowners aspired to buy a semi-detached house in a quiet tree lined suburban street could soon be a thing of the past.

“It seems that people approaching their 40s and 50s are looking for a greater level of freedom and adventure and want to try a different type of home away from the suburbs.

“Reflective of a shifting cultural mindset, there is also a definite trend among younger people especially to factor in variables such as environmental impact when choosing a new home.

“It could now be time to invest in an unconventional property as demand increases and people chase the limited supply.”

Hunter Dunning Managing Director, Joe Synes said: “This is going to be very interesting for the property recruitment world. We foresee a world of new and creative jobs made as a result of this step in alternative living. Whether it’s a job in architecture, interior design or Property, I can’t wait to see some of the work our clients and candidates will be doing in the unconventional property market”.

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