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There is hope for candidates in the imminent future

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2020 has been a year to remember to say the least, and although many redundancies have been made, the future looks extremely hopeful for candidates within the property industry.  

With many people on Furlough and companies closing, it has been a struggle for many families, but since the beginning of September, the property industry has boomed back to its busy self. We have had many candidates asking us how we have found the industry recently, so we felt it would be useful to highlight some positive points here:  

Placements, placements, placements 

Over the past couple of months, while some may have unfortunately struggled, we have had a positive influx of new jobs, interviews, and placements. Covid may still be here, but buildings won’t design and build themselves – The show must go on as they say! 

Increased workloads 

We have recently found that many smaller/medium size practices are inundated with more new work than usual and have found their need to recruit much higher. Due to the government advice to work from home, many roles are now relying on staff who can be self-starters on the go and work under minimal management, such as this Quality Technical Inspector job.  

Organisation and set up 

Since working from home has become ‘the norm’, companies have had to really tighten their belts with the way that their practice operates and stick to an organised work structure. Due to this new and more efficient way of working, it has been said that staff are working more productively and at less risk of health and safety accidents than before. A recent study by Loughborough University has discovered just how beneficial the new way of construction work has been. You can find out more about this study here. 

More Senior positions  

We have recently seen an increase in Senior roles become available throughout the UK with high demand at Director and Associate level. With companies expanding and needing more senior support, these roles are becoming more and more frequent. See our latest Senior vacancies here. 

New Startups 

Since the Covid-19 pandemic hit, personal and business inspiration seems to be more contagious than ever. Lots of people are starting up small businesses, and small businesses are becoming much larger. A big trend this year began when Lockdown started and many people decided to get creative with small projects in their home which now are expanding into professional businesses. We have found a trend throughout this year has certainly been new start-up companies taking the leap of faith and it’s proven to pay off.  


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