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The different types of Interior Design sectors you can work in

Interior Design Sectors

Interior Designers can work in several different sectors. They can focus their knowledge and experiences in one area or move into new areas to keep things interesting and “different” in their careers.

Whether working in a high-end residential sector in Chelsea, or in the middle of the ocean on a 5k capacity cruise ship, there’s no limit to the sectors Interior Designers can “flex their creative muscles” in. Here we list our most popular sectors that Interior Designers can work in.

1. Residential (Resi)

Generally residential Interior Design focuses on high-end properties and the owner has a theme in mind. Popular ideas are sustainable living or generally staying “on-trend”.

Residential will also apply to multi-unit developments and marketing suites. This can range from small local estates through to large housing developments.

Experienced Residential Interior Designers may also be commissioned to work with home/furniture retail outlets to help dress home-like showrooms.

2. Hospitality

From lobbies to ball rooms and suites, hotels and the like are no stranger to Interior Design requirements. With high footfalls, this sector is where an Interior Designer can really make their mark with a budget to boot.

3. Restaurants (F&B)

Making a food establishment welcoming, on brand and functional all at the same time is no mean feat. This sector can be the perfect opportunity for an ambitious interior designer to give themselves a serious challenge. A post-fit visit to check out the cuisine should be a must too!

4. Retail

All shops require a degree of shopfitting and thus design. This can be from a small independent unit through to a 3 million sq ft retail outlet. The design of these establishments requires strong technical abilities plus a degree of commercial awareness in order to support the company to best sell within their space.

5. Workplace

Working out space plans for businesses moving into new premises’ or looking for a change is the Workplace Interior Designer’s biggest pleasure. Businesses recognise that workplace interior design can make all the difference to employees and play a huge part in comfort and engagement for staff retention.

6. Education

Schools, colleges, universities and private education all require an approachable, comfortable space in which to learn. It is important for these environments to enhance the learning experience not hinder it. This means surroundings should not be distracting or impair absorption. This can be a very rewarding challenge for Interior Designers who know they have contributed towards the future success of students.

7. Marine

Focusing on the luxury market, cruise ships require a high level of interior design in order to enforce their prestige and indulgence. They compete with the on-land hotels and holiday destinations but also require the practicalities of being on the sea. Luxury Yachts will also feature in this sector too. This market is certainly a treat for any Interior Designer looking to work in this glamourous industry.

8. Aviation

Generally, aviation is focused on practicality due to its longer “shelf-life”. However recently Interior Designers have set their sites on this sector in order to start “weaving this softer edge into the cabin experience” (Silva, Apex 2019) and that aircrafts should start to be an extension of the passenger’s lifestyle. While Aircraft Interior Design is not a new thing, it looks as though things may be changing within this sector. Find out more here.

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Silva, V., “Touching, Feeling: Aircraft Interior Design Gets a Softer Edge”, Apex, https://apex.aero/2019/03/14/touching-feeling-aircraft-interior-design 14 March 2019