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Sustainable Interior Design

Sustainable Interior Design

Who says you can’t mix good style with being environmentally conscious? With plastics being a hot topic while oceans are being overrun, it’s important more than ever to understand the need to live in a more sustainable yet on-trend setting.

We’ve listed 6 things you can change about your home or a client’s space to ensure it ticks the right environmental boxes.

1. Lighting


Lighting can be a drain on your monthly energy use – especially during the darker months of the year. You can keep these costs down by keeping your lighting appliances to a minimum and consider alternatives for that space. Also ensure energy efficient bulbs are used and dictated to the space owner.

2. Heating


Reducing your heating bills by incorporating heat saving furnishings and fixtures will not only be beneficial to the environment but also help save you pounds in heating bills. Carpets and drapes are fantastic at absorbing and keeping the heat inside a room, reducing your need to flick that heating switch.

3. Colour schemes


Light or reflective surfaces will instantly brighten a room. This will reduce the need for extra artificial lighting fixtures (as above) while providing a bright and welcoming room.

4. Wood

FSC Certified

Do some research before purchasing wood products. An FSC label on a wood product ensures that the wood used in the product was harvested sustainably. This is a quick and simple method to apply and takes very little effort while making a big impact.

5. Upcycling


Upcycling is a fantastic way to use something old to create a new product with some adjustments. It can also be great fun to make it your own style. Antique is the current chic and mixing the old with the new can be very effective.

6. Longevity


Like upcycling, using products that are built to last will mean you won’t need to replace them very often. Solid wood (with an FSC label) will last for a great number of years, and the wood style is generally very versatile so can be used in different designs and style to suit seasonal changes.

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