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Study reveals homeowners’ interior design lows

interior design trend lows

A new study by Terrys Fabrics reveals the British public’s feelings towards their own personal Interior Design and what they would and wouldn’t change about their homes.

Family Business, Terrys Fabrics is a Fabric Warehouse that prides itself on providing high quality furnishing fabrics. It’s warehouse in Staffordshire houses over 500,000 Metres of various discount fabrics.

Terrys Fabrics conducted a survey of 1,000 customers to find out their satisfaction levels with their homes “from structural stresses to furniture fall-outs”.

It was discovered that 26% of respondents felt it would cost £20k to get their house looking like their ideal home. More the one third felt they were not completely happy in their homes right now, with kitchens being the least favourite room (39%).

The study also revealed a number of former interior design trends which were the biggest turn-offs for UK homeowners:

1.) Woodchip walls

Woodchip walls
A whopping 30% of respondents did not like woodchip walls in their homes and would be put off buying as a result.

2.) Artex walls/ceilings

Artex ceiling
Artex ruled in the 1970s and was widely used to give ceilings and walks that added texture. According to the survey, this trend has fallen out of favour with 24% of people hating it.

3.) Carpeted bathroom

carpeted bathroom
Carpeted bathrooms are often considered as unhygienic. 23% of respondents were put off a house with this “feature” which is hardly surprising given very few bathrooms are now fitted out with a carpet.

4.) Statement walls

Statement Wall
Statement walls are like marmite, you either love them or hate them. According to the Terrys Fabrics survey 15% of their customer base choose to hate the trend.

5.) Quote decals

wall quote

Popular amongst students due to their temporary or permanent variations, quote decals are considered tacky and out of favour. 8% of respondents choose to not consider decals as an option their homes.

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