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Recruitment is on the rise in 2019

Recruitment on the rise

A new Survey from CV-Library shows that recruitment is very much on the increase in 2019 by a whopping 72%.

The study surveyed 300 hiring professionals in the UK to discover what challenges and priorities they had for the year ahead. Over half of respondents (55.4%) said that building talents pools for the future was a key focus. Thus proving recruitment is certainly not on the decline despite Brexit fears.

Candidate experience

It was also great to read that employers are now recognising the need to nurture their candidates with 44% of respondents stating “improving candidate experience” was one of their top priorities. We have written a number of articles surrounding this subject which can be found under Employer Advice on our blog.

Hunter Dunning Managing Director, Joe Synes said: “This is great news for our clients and candidates as it proves that growth is the agenda for 2019. We will continue to work closely with our customers to ensure the right people are placed into the right roles. We’ll also be keeping a firm ear to the ground for the latest trends and innovations which we will pass on to our followers to improve their recruitment efforts”.


Interestingly, other than a lack of relevant talent, many recruitment teams are finding that time constraints to sift through CVs, lack of resource and time spent screening candidates made up over half of their biggest challenges. The report shows that 62.5% of employers spend over two days a week sourcing candidates and 36.7% spend a further two days going through irrelevant CVs.

Founder and CEO of CV-Library, Lee Biggins said: “We know that recruitment teams across the UK are under a lot of pressure right now and our latest research only confirms this further. Not only do companies have to try to fill their vacancies despite there being a distinct lack of candidates, the additional stress of time and budget constraints is only adding to the pressure.”

The solution?

With these challenges in mind, recruitment teams can make their recruitment process easier and let Hunter Dunning deal with all recruitment needs for Property based job roles. We’ll save HR professionals time and resource by screening CVs and candidates for you. As an exclusive partner or candidate, we can offer professional advice as experts in our field, time and cost saving solutions and a quality service. See more about us here.

Read the full CV-Library report here