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Recruitment Consultant Profile - Meet Georgia Woods

In a recent wave of expansion, Hunter Dunning is proud to introduce Georgia, our newest Property Recruitment Consultant. Georgia’s journey with us began in September, marking an exciting milestone in our 2023 growth strategy.

Focusing on Building Surveying, Project Management, CDM/Principal Design, Design Management and H&S roles, Georgia has been tasked with serving our valued clients and jobseekers across the whole of the UK.

If you’re in need of Georgia’s expertise, reach out to her today and experience the Hunter Dunning difference for yourself.

Get to know Georgia better in our welcome interview below:

Name: Georgia Woods

Job title: Recruitment Consultant

Where are you from? Surrey

As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? I loved to dance to I always wanted to be a ballerina.

What training or qualifications do you have? British Sign Language

Where did you work before Hunter Dunning? I spent 4 years between B2B and B2C sales within the energy and trade sectors for local companies.

Why did you choose to work for Hunter Dunning? I have always had an interest in recruitment and it was  a part of the job when I was working in sales that I enjoyed, so when I started looking for my next venture Hunter Dunnings reputation and recommendations from people who have heard of them made me apply. The environment at interview was lovely and everyone that I spoke to in person or over the phone were very friendly.

What is the best thing about working at Hunter Dunning? The sectors that we are working across, seeing development through the property sector and supporting clients and candidates find the right venture.

How do you feel Hunter Dunning differs from other recruitment agencies? As we are a specialist recruitment agency, we can support candidates in finding the perfect role and help clients find the candidate who have all the skills that they are looking for and offer a consultative approach to their recruitment.

What do you find most interesting working in the Property sector? I feel there is a change in projects for Building surveyors at the moment, a lot of consultancies are moving towards fire safety projects and and it’s interesting to see how the industry reacts to new regulations.

What are your hobbies? Aside from board games with my partner I enjoy Knitting and Sewing, there is always a project going.

What word or phrase do you say the most? Lovely!

If you were an animal or a cartoon character what would you be and why? Tigger, everyone says I am bouncy and make others smile.

If you could rename Molly, what would you call her? I think she is perfectly named, but if I had to rename her then I would call her Lulu


As one of the leaders in the Property Recruitment Specialist market, Hunter Dunning provide its customers with not only second to none recruitment solutions.

Looking for your next property Job? Search Jobs in Property here or you can get in touch with Georgia on Georgia.woods@hunterdunning.co.uk