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Putting together your portfolio of work

portfolio of work

Your work portfolio is an extension of your CV and cover letter. It showcases in real -life examples your hard work and experience.

Your portfolio needs to be in tip top shape to secure your perfect role. It should be relevant to your experience and importantly well-presented and professional. We often advise our candidates, from Architecture to Interior Design on best practice for their portfolios. Each job type and sector have their own strengths with portfolio writing. We’ve list the most common pointers we give.

What to include

  • Tailor your portfolio to the sector or job you want to focus on. Demonstrating your relevance to their projects is key, so where possible try to keep your portfolio work examples focus on projects that are like their own and portray your ability within that sector the best. It’s great to see variety, but just have in the back of your mind the type of projects they are currently working on
  • Feature only your own work. Employers are keen to see drawings that you have produced yourself – especially your technical and design ability
  • Focus on in-practice work
  • Include specific project details such as value of projects, its location and sector
  • Have technical detailing if it is applicable to the example
  • Most importantly show the best of what you can do. For example, every stage of the design process if that’s what you are experienced in.


  • Organisation is key! Organise your portfolio so that the conversation flows easily from one project to another
  • Hand sketching is very popular so use this if applicable
  • Have your work in a hard copy format. Preferably an A3 bound folder
  • Always have an up-to-date digital copy of your work portfolio at the ready
  • Make sure it is isn’t just full of pretty images and contains relevant information too
  • Ensure the layout is easy to follow
  • Your portfolio should tell a story. Explain what you did on the project and other important specifics
  • Just remember, any work that is visually pleasing and well presented on a page will impress

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