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New year, new you? Apply in time to start your job in the new year!

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Thinking about your new year’s resolutions for 2021? We wouldn’t be surprised if you are. After such a dismal year, it’s important to go into the new year with positive thoughts and something to look forward to. For some of you, that something is an exciting new job. 

Christmas is creeping up on us quickly which means that job seekers don’t have long left to potentially land their dream role and start in the new year.  

We would usually always recommend that you start your job search as early as September if you’re keen to find the right role with a start date in the new year. This is because of how long the recruitment process CAN take. In many circumstances, you could apply, interview and start all within a week, but a lot of the time this isn’t the case. If you’ve left it late, that’s ok, we’re here to help. 

Although this article is probably more focused on those of you who are immediately available, it’s not to say that you won’t find this helpful if you need to hand in your notice – you could still start early in the new year! Here are some tips below to land your dream job this December as quickly as possible.  


If you want to stand a chance of starting your dream job in January then you need to be prepared to put the work in. A too-simple or wordy CV isn’t going to cut it when you’re up against a huge pool of other candidates. You need to stand out from the crowd and tailor it to the industry you’re in. The same applies for your portfolio if you have one.  


It’s more important than ever right now to be flexible with your availability for an interview. Employers have busy enough schedules as it is, let alone when the Christmas period is coming up. If you can’t be flexible around when suits them, the chances are you won’t see them until the new year, prolonging the process even more. 


Communication is key, but it’s especially important to step it up a notch through December. Whether you’re waiting on a response on your application, an interview date and time, or a job offer, check your emails regularly and make sure your phone is on loud! (unless you’re in an interview of course). 


Make sure the job is definitely what you want. There is no point wasting the employer’s time, recruiters’ time or your own time to then decide it’s not right for you. Get as much information as possible from your recruiter so that you know exactly what you’re putting yourself forward for.  


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