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New Year, New Career...The Best Way to go About Your Search


Fast forward to January. It’s 2016. You’ve partied yourself silly for the last 2 weeks (at least), eaten way too much and argued with nearly every family member over who really won the Christmas day board games. But now, you’re fresh with enthusiasm for making New Year’s resolutions and you’re ready to make changes to improve your life.

If you’re in a lackluster job that just isn’t doing it for you, or you’re continuing your search for a new career, seize this opportunity to focus more clearly on where you’d like to head career-wise this year and extricate yourself from the old ways.

So how do you resolve to get yourself that dream job? Here’s how…

Think and stay positive about your abilities and the available jobs
The Architectural market, whilst it has remained a candidate/talent short market throughout 2015, has also remained a competitive one. The battle to prove that you are the best person for one particular job has been tough; however, remaining confident is essential. Think of yourself as a valuable asset to any company and do not underestimate your worth. If you’ve been looking around for a time, use the vibe of the New Year to reinvigorate your search and to get back in to the swing of searching further afield with eagerness.

It is important to keep in mind that your attitude and posture will impact the way that a potential employer feels about you. If you’re not feeling positive, this will come across in interview.

Look back over your previous job-hunting effectiveness for the past year
If you’ve been job-hunting for a while, this may suggest that it’s time to reassess your approach, re-jig your CV and portfolio and inject new strategies in to your job hunting.

Build a good relationship with your recruitment consultant. Arrange to meet for coffee, get advice on your CV and portfolio, cultivate a great cover letter and practice interview techniques. All these things will only benefit you in the race to beat the competition to your dream role.

Consider whether you need to brush up your professional or technical skills
This might be a great time of year to enroll in CPD or software training courses that build on or extend your existing knowledge, as a way to improve your job prospects. If you are already working, look for courses offered within your organisation. Sometimes it’s the smaller, but more specific skills that can set you apart from the other equally qualified applicants.

Get back in touch with your consultant an ask them to start looking for suitable positions

The broader your potential job pool, the better chances you’ll have at finding a new job this New Year. Hunter Dunning have in excess of 250 current Architectural and Interior Design vacancies across all levels and qualifications, and 5 expert consultants managing individual areas across the UK. Each of our consultants are fully trained in their field, in order to provide the best quality service and advice to their candidates. Overall, we have developed strong working relationships with Directors and HR managers with in excess of 1000 companies across the UK, giving our candidates the best chance to get their CV seen, and more importantly, paid attention to.

Prepare well for Interviews
Common interview mistakes include dressing down, not knowing much (or anything!) about the company, and poor interview mannerisms. Again, build a good relationship with your consultant and meet with them to talk through interview techniques. You could even find out if they are able to attend one of your interviews and ask for feedback in order to improve.

Even if you think you are the best interviewee in the UK, don’t be afraid to ask for advice or for constructive criticism on your techniques, as ultimately your consultants are there for you to utilise their expertise and secure you your dream job.

Top tips include:

Anticipate key questions – strengths and weaknesses, what you bring to the job, what interests you about the company/position etc…
Interview the interviewer – firms are often impressed by candidates who come equipped with a number of their own questions, as it shows that they have a keen and genuine interest in being there.
Do your research! Before attending an interview, make sure you know as much as possible about who you’re meeting with and the
company the role is with. Grill your consultant, ask friends, call the company and use the internet. With the availability of information online there really isn’t any excuse to be going into an interview not having done your research.

Last but not least…be patient
Whilst this is your ‘New Year’s’ resolution, changing or getting a new job can take time, and much of the year may pass before your secure that dream role. Provided your expecting it to take time, you’re less likely to fret and more likely to persist, which is important in ensuring that you don’t lose sight of what you really want from your resolution to get a new job.

While you’re still feeling enthusiastic and full of renewed vigor about the New Year, why not plan a timeline for the coming year’s job search? This can be useful as it can determine your goals for job hunting in 2016, and serve as a reminder of where you’re headed should you find yourself feeling off course later in the year.

With more than 1000 close relationships with various Architectural practices, Developers and Consultancies across the UK; and with highly skilled and experienced consultants to assist with your search, Hunter Dunning are extremely well placed to put you in touch with your dream company and find your dream role.

For help in your search, advice on your CV & portfolio, or to arrange a meeting with your consultant to talk through any of the above, get in touch with Hunter Dunning on 01243 779789.