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Market yourself for employment

Market yourself for employment

Beat the competition by marketing yourself well for employment by using the power of the internet, communication and your expert knowledge.

You’re seeking your next architecture job in a competitive market. You have no idea who else has applied for your preferred positions or what their presence is in the industry.

Choosing the right representation (Recruitment Agency) and having the best online recognition can stand you in much better stead against someone who is unsearchable. Also, there’s no doubt that once an employer has met you at interview, they will likely have a search of your name and what is listed could be the ticket to getting the job.

In this day of Google and social media, there are so many tools at your disposal to get ahead of the competition. Here’s a few tips to market yourself well for employment.

1. CV and Portfolio

The number one thing that will represent you best to a potential is your CV and portfolio. Ensuring these are kept up-to-date, relevant and showcasing your highlights is of the utmost importance. We have tons of advice on what you should and shouldn’t include on your CV on our career advice blog. We also have an article detailing how to put together your portfolio.

2. Social media

Professional social media is synonymous with LinkedIn. Ensuring you have an up-to-date, well kept LinkedIn profile with relevant connections and membership to groups will show you have a vested interest within the industry.

Likewise, utilising platforms such as Instagram and Twitter can show your more personal side but ensure if it is public it is respectable.

Facebook is generally considered more personal than professional. If you think your Facebook profile should be saved for personal connections only, ensure your privacy settings reflect this. The last thing you want is a potential employer seeing your Friday night drunken escapades from your uni days.

3. Blogging and guest writing

Attaching your name to articles is a sure-fire way of showcasing your industry knowledge or skills. This can be a blog you have made yourself or guest blogging on an existing platform or news site. Get your hard work published as far and wide as you can and celebrate your position in the market.

4. Expert comment

Drawing on from blogging and writing, once you have established a name in the industry you will likely be called upon for professional comment. Don’t wait for this to come to you. Take a look at press editorial lists and call up the editors to offer your comment on the subject.

5. Become exclusive

When searching for a job it might be tempting to register with every recruitment agency going to get the most coverage. This could  hinder your chances of getting an interview as your CV could get put forward too much. This is especially true if unprofessional recruiters are more interested in winning numbers than finding the right job and candidate. We may be biased in saying this, but we truly believe limiting to one professional recruitment agency with experience in your field is the best option. It is in our best interest to place you in a position that is right for you and the employer long-term to nurture the relationship on both sides. Being exclusive with us means you will only be dealing with one person who has your best interests at heart in finding, supporting and securing you your dream job.

We’re here to help

Let Hunter Dunning do the hard work of finding a job for you so you can concentrate on practising your interview techniques and career wins. As an exclusive candidate, we can offer professional advice as experts in our field, time and cost saving solutions and a quality service. See more about us here.

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