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How to manage your recruitment from a distance

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In the mist of the Corona virus outbreak we felt it would be beneficial to look at alternative options for your recruitment process to help yourself and others keep safe but still efficient.

Many companies have been closing at this extremely difficult time while others haven’t. For firms with a lot of work on and struggling with finding staff due to people quarantining themselves, recruiting is becoming a particular struggle for companies at the moment with interviews being cancelled and meetings being put on hold.

Although people are avoiding contact, there is certainly alternative options to missing out on talented candidates.

If you don’t already use video call technology, then now is the time to start! Instead of cancelling all of your interviews, simply change the location to the comfort of your own home and do a video call instead. So what are the benefits of a video call? Here’s a few…

1.) Face to face impressions

Although you may not literally be sat in front of the candidate, you can still get the same feel for them as you would in an interview. You can still gain all the benefits of a meeting in person by being able to see their appearance, gage their expression when responding to your questions and get an idea of how they may appear to your clients should they get the job.

2.) Avoid the delay

Instead of missing out on your potential perfect employee by postponing the interview altogether, you can speak to them immediately. If you decide to wait until you can see them in person a few weeks or even months down the line, then chances are you are going to loose them to a company who won’t be waiting around.

3.) Location doesn’t matter

If you’re planning to interview someone who is looking to relocate or is currently stuck in another country, then a video call will take the pressure off waiting. With the virus spreading quickly it’s more than likely that public transport could be disrupted, which will primarily effect companies based in London or people who commute to work via public transport.

4.) Additional time

A video call does save time, especially if you’re busy on site or in meetings out of the office. It may not seem like much, but even saving half an hour of your time that you would usually spend travelling will free up more time to get work done.

We’re currently working with a variety of talented candidates at all different levels across the property cycle, so don’t hesitate to continue with your recruitment process due to being worried about the Corona virus. You can find out who we’re working with by getting in touch with our friendly team of consultants at consult@hunterdunning.co.uk


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