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Keep your new recruit buzzed for their first day

new recruit

After getting your job offer accepted, don’t just forget about your new recruit until the start date as they may begin to feel neglected. Keep them buzzed about their new job in interior design, architecture or property.

Your property recruitment consultant has made your job advert, whittled down the CVs and you’ve cherry picked your favourites for interview. That perfect candidate stood out like a sore thumb and you made them an offer. Brilliant news, they’ve accepted it too. Now what?

After the offer has been accepted, your recruitment consultant will handle all of the offer paperwork leaving you to complete your own HR processes, set up their workstation etc. All in preparation for their arrival in a week, a month or 3 months.

You are excited because you can’t wait to crack on with that Architecture project. Or you are in need of filling the property management role due to a leaver. It is clear you are looking forward to your new recruit, but what about the successful candidate? How do you engage with them during the wait for the all-important start date?

Here’s a few ideas to keep your impending new recruit excited about the new job they’re starting after their notice period.

1. Social event invitation

If it is getting close to a company organised social event such as a summer party or end of year do, get the invite out to your soon to be Architect. If not, why not organise an informal lunch for the team as an icebreaker opportunity. Whether big or small, making them feel like they are already part of the team on a personal level will automatically make them feel included.

2. Write about themselves

Do you have a team page on your website with bios? Or maybe you will put together a press release to announce the appointment. Whatever you decide, in the lead up to their start date ask your successful candidate to put together a little bio of themselves. People generally roll their eyes at this task but once they get into it, they really enjoy telling their story. It makes them feel more of an individual rather than just another number.

3. Personalise their desk

This can be as professional or personal as you want it to be depending on your company culture. Ask the new recruit to complete a “desk questionnaire” which gives a number of options for them to consider. This could be anything from in-trays and monitor stands and footrests. To be super personal you could ask them what their favourite tv show is a buy them a bobble head or a picture frame. This activity shows in advance you are preparing for their arrival and you are making the role “theirs”.

4. Check in with them

You don’t want to bombard your new person too much but it’s good to just check in every now and then to keep up interest. Having one of the above as an excuse is helpful, but even just a “how are doing, do you have any questions” would suffice. Just let them know you’re still looking forward to them coming on board.

5. Set an agenda

From an organisational point of view, it is good to have an agenda or induction plan for someone’s first day. It ensures the smooth running of your processes. Sharing this agenda in advance with your new starter is a good idea as they may have questions or concerns that you can iron out and save time on the day. This will greatly improve efficiency and learning, plus will continue that pre-start date engagement.

Overall, what we are trying to say is keep your new starter engaged with your brand as and where you can. They’ve applied for this job in architecture, or interior design job, keep them wanting that job.

Having your recruitment agency first whittle down who best suits your company based on our initial conversation, through to choosing the right setting for the suitability of your company and role, we’re sure you will secure the right person for your role and your business.

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