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Interior Design trends 2019 so far…

Interior Design trends 2019

We are now more than halfway through 2019 and felt it was high time to explore how our interior design trends 2019 predictions stood up to reality.

The 2019 Interior trends are still in favour such as 3D Printing and dark kitchens. However, the release of PANTONE’s colour of the year and the continuing need for and trend of sustainable living have been the driving force of design this year.

House Beautiful Interior Stylist and Journalist, Sophie Warren-Smith said: “For interiors in 2019, the overriding theme is for more sustainability and natural materials. Of course, there are some gorgeous pretty colours to embrace too, but when it comes to decorating the home, the emphasis is on choosing designs that are classic and longer lasting, rather than something you’ll get tired of quickly.”(1)

1.) They call it mellow yellow

As we covered in our Spring Interior Design article, bright and beautiful yellow is a great colour to either fully embrace or lightly inject into your space.

The Luxpad writer, Emily Bird advises a touch of subtlety with this shade. She said: “Perfect for colour pops rather than going all-out with the shade, it’s a fabulous non-committal hue to dip your toe into the vibrant colour pool to see how your feel before adding more.”(2)

Whether it is adding in a few yellow cushions, throws or towels through to bright furniture, your yellow injection is sure to be a winner.

2.) Earth-consciousness is sustainable

The importance of being Earth-conscious is certainly a very real thing and not ‘just’ an “interior design trend” (though quite rightly it is a trend too which is great). Therefore, ensuring you consider sustainable interior design is key to both your conscience as well as client happiness.

We previously highlighted a few areas worth bearing in mind to ensure a space has eco-friendly elements in our article Sustainable Interior Design. Single use plastics need to be a thing of the past as is pointless uses of electricity and short-term objects.

Sustainability is all about longevity, natural light and upcycling, and minimising the use of unnecessary materials and energy depleting furnishings.

3.) Maximalism is the new minimalism

Maximalism is not so much the opposite of minimalism, it isn’t just throw everything in a space and hope for the best. It’s more about injecting personality into a room – unlike minimalism which is having a limited amount of furnishings and décor.

Naveed from Décor Aid said: “With maximalism, you’ll have much more freedom to follow your instinct which in turn, will make the design process so much easier. The key to getting warm maximalism right is to keep a well-judged edit and visual consistency so your efforts don’t appear as heavy-handed or over stimulating.” (3)

4.) Pantone say Living Coral

Pantone’s announced their colour of 2019 is Living Coral. They said: “vibrant, yet mellow PANTONE 16-1546 Living Coral embraces us with warmth and nourishment to provide comfort and buoyancy in our continually shifting environment.”

Following this trend, Paint manufacturer Crown’s Colour Consultant, Judy Smith said: “Taking inspiration from earth minerals and shell clay, this is a colour that evokes warmth and reassurance, creating a calming environment. The soft pastel palette works well with other chalky hues, or for a pop of colour bright oranges and reds will add drama. For earthiness and keeping a muted colour scheme, add raw organic textures in soft furnishings and lighting.” (4)

5.) Bold is beautiful

Last but not least is bold patterned backsplashes in kitchens. This may well have replaced the Terrazzo style which was slated as the trend of 2019 but has somewhat fallen out of favour.

In Tonelli’s article, Sklar Design’s, Amy Sklar said: “we will be gravitating toward making a little more impact in their kitchens, whether that’s with bolder color choices or graphic tiles. Either way, I predict we will be seeing more pop and punch in kitchens!” (5)

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