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How to Prepare for a Cyber Interview

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Times aren’t the easiest right now when trying to demonstrate your skills and experience through online interviews in the midst of a pandemic and a National lockdown, but there are certainly steps you can take to give you a greater chance of being successful.  

Although things are a little uncertain, recruitment is still very much moving forward, even if it must be done online. On this note, we thought it would be beneficial to share some tips on prepping for a cyber interview.  

1.) Preparation  

First things first, preparation. You’ve been chosen for an interview and although it will be taking place from home, preparation is still key. Be sure to write down any questions you want to ask the employer and have a copy of your CV (and portfolio if you have one) at the ready should you need to refer to it in the interview.  

2.) Dress code 

Regardless of the venue, you still need to look the part. Even if you’re working from home in a onesie or your comfy clothes, it’s important to look smart and professional for your interview. You want to give the best impression and a true representation of yourself and how you would be presented in the workplace. 

We appreciate your work clothing or uniform will depend on what your role is, but it’s still good to make a good first impression, nonetheless. There have been stories of people wearing a suit attire up top and just pants down the bottom – BIG NO NO 

3.) Good timekeeping 

Similar to the above, it’s good to treat your interview exactly the same as you would if you were going into an office. If you have agreed for the interview to take place at 10am on the day, don’t double book yourself or lose track of time walking the dogFirst impressions are everything and even more so when interviewing on a video call.  

4.) Be aware of your surroundings  

A potential employer will appreciate that working from home isn’t going to be the most professional setting, BUT make sure before your interview starts that the room you are using is tidy and not showing anything inappropriate. Also, avoid busy backdrops that might distract your interviewer, you want them to focus on you.  

The same goes for other people in your house. Make them aware what time your interview will be and ensure they do not disturb you. If you have children at homeit would be a good time for them to go for a walk or be watching a film in another room. 

5.) Sell yourself as much as possible 

Speaking to someone on a video call or over the phone doesn’t have the same vibe as meeting them in person. As much as we would like to say it does, it just doesn’t so it’s important to really show your personality more than ever as you can’t be there in person to do it. Make yourself stand out and easy to remember – which should help give you an advantage over the other candidates 


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