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How to get the best out of your mental health this year

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Mental health is finally being talked about more regularly and 2019 was a key year for mental health being publicised and ‘normalised’.  

People often shy away from discussing their feelings due to feeling embarrassed and so we’ve decided to gather together some top tips to ensure your mental health is a top priority this year.  

1.Healthy Work life balance 

It’s so important to make time for yourself and your friends and family as well as work. In the property and design industry its particularly hard with long work hours and overtime to make sure you hit those deadlines, not to mention travel time if you commute into London! Thinking it might be time to relocate or work outside of London? See some pro’s and con’s here. 

2.Surround yourself with positive people  

If you sit next to a negative Nancy at work or have one of those friends who only ever talks about the negative things in life or tries to bring you down then it’s time to change who you surround yourself with. Surrounding yourself with positive people can do wonders for bringing up your mood and spreading good vibes.  

3.Healthy diet  

It really is true what the professionals say, a healthy diet results in a healthy mind. If you wake up and eat fatty stodgy foods then you’re going to feel rubbish and in turn, be in a rubbish and unproductive mood. Great tip – A slice of lemon in a glass of cold water first thing does amazing things for your metabolism, immune system and mood! 

4. Regular exercise 

Endorphins, endorphins, endorphins! Endorphins are chemicals produced by the body to relieve stress and pain. Endorphins get released when exercising and therefore even 30 minutes of walking or running a day can lift you up. The fresh air, nice scenery and getting your heart pumping really will do the trick.

5.Don’t settle for less 

Work for a company who supports and nurtures you. It can be great having bonuses and other paid benefits at work, but what about those simple softer benefits like finishing early on a Friday, flexible hours or taking you out for lunch? It’s so important to feel valued by your employer, even just making you a coffee or asking how you’re doing will do wonders for your mood.  


Be open about your feelings, if you’re not happy about something then talk to your employer, a friend or even a counselor or therapist. Sometimes it’s good to reflect on your life and what’s bringing negativity into it, get to the bottom of it, then change it. The Architects Benevolent Society is an incredible organisation for supporting architectural and design professionals with their mental health. Last year we took part in the ‘Bake the world a better place’ day and hosted a bake off/bake sale, sending all donations to The Architects Benevolent Society. If you’re looking for someone to talk to or to support the charity, you can get in touch with them here. 


If you’ve had enough of that negative Nancy or boss who is always on your back no matter how many extra hours you put in then it may be time for a change, and what better time than the start of a new year?  


Let Hunter Dunning do the hard work of finding a job for you so you can concentrate on keeping positive and making the best use of your time. As an exclusive candidate, we can offer professional advice as experts in our field, a quality service or even just a friendly chat if you need someone to talk to confidentially. See more about us here. 

To search our current jobs visit the Hunter Dunning jobs section and use our search function to find that perfect job in Interior Design, or maybe a job in Architecture. We also have a number of jobs in property. 

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