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HD Podcasts, Episode Two: Insights Into Workplace Strategy

Hunter Dunning proudly presents our newest edition to HD podcasts, “Insights Into Workplace Strategy,” where we delve into the dynamic world of workplace strategy alongside industry experts. In our second-ever episode of HD Podcasts, we are privileged to host Kari Smith, the esteemed ‘Director of Workplace Consulting’ at JLL and of course  our very own Matt Trussler, Senior Recruitment Consultant for the USA.

This podcast serves as a comprehensive exploration of workplace strategy, covering a diverse array of topics that resonate with professionals across the industry. From defining workplace strategy to analysing emerging trends and navigating challenges. Some of the topics covered in this episode include but are not limited to:

  • Defining Workplace Strategy
  • Kari’s progression from interior design to workplace strategy
  • Workplace strategy vs occupancy planning
  • Data collection and typical timeframes
  • Post-construction analysis
  • Importance of change management
  • Types of data collection and considerations
  • Workplace trends 
  • Workplace strategy in different size organizations
  • Integration of workplace strategists and different departments
  • Challenges and opportunities in workplace strategy
  • Case study of workplace strategy success
  • Managing changes and challenges within workspaces
  • Routes in workplace strategy and tools

Explore the intricacies of workplace strategy and its profound impact on organisations worldwide. This podcast could be a valuable resource for anyone passionate about workplace strategy, or interested in pursuing a career within this dynamic field. Whether you are a seasoned professional looking to stay up to date with the latest trends, or a student considering a path in workplace strategy, the discussion offers valuable insights and perspectives from industry experts. Stay tuned for future episodes of HD Podcasts.