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HD Podcasts, Episode One: Exploring Sustainability in Architecture and Interior Design

At Hunter Dunning, we are excited to introduce our brand-new podcast series.

In our first episode, we had the privilege of sitting down with Anthony Brower, the ‘Global Climate Action and Sustainability Practice Area Leader’ at Gensler and our very own Matt Trussler, Senior Recruitment Consultant for the US.

Anthony Brower boasts an impressive tenure at Gensler, close to 20 years with the practice that is a global design and architecture firm, committed to pushing the boundaries of sustainable design. In this enlightening podcast, we delve deep into the realm of sustainability within architecture and interior design, shedding light on key considerations, challenges, and opportunities in this ever-evolving field.

Some of the topics we cover in this episode include:

Balancing Sustainable Design with Client Demands

A key theme during the conversation revolves around the delicate art of balancing sustainable design with client demands. Architects and designers often have the challenge of marrying eco-conscious design principles with the unique visions and objectives of each client.

Building Material Considerations

The conversation explores the critical role of building materials in sustainability efforts. Anthony offers insights into the selection of materials that minimize environmental impact while ensuring durability, aesthetics, and functionality in architectural and interior projects.

Defining Sustainability within Architecture and Interior Design

The term “sustainability” can be unclear, often taking on different meanings for different individuals. In the podcast, Anthony clarifies and defines what sustainability means within the context of architecture and interior design, shedding light on the principles that underpin eco-friendly design.

Metrics and Measurements within Sustainable Designs

The talk explores the importance of metrics and measurements to effectively gauge the success of sustainable design initiatives. Anthony provides valuable perspectives on how architects and designers can quantitatively assess the environmental and social impact of their projects.

Sustainability Rating Systems

Sustainability rating systems play a pivotal role in guiding and evaluating design decisions. The conversation explores some of the most prominent rating systems such as LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) and WELL Building Standards, highlighting their influence on the industry.

This podcast could be a valuable resource for anyone passionate about sustainability or interested in pursuing a career within this dynamic field. Whether you are a seasoned professional looking to stay up to date with the latest trends or a student considering a path in sustainable design, the discussion offers valuable insights and perspectives from industry experts. Stay tuned for future episodes of HD Podcasts.