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Giving your interior design an autumnal touch

Autumn Interior Design 2019

Have your Interior Design reflect the season’s changes and bring an Autumn touch inside this year.

Autumn is all about wrapping up warm, seeing the leaves turn beautiful colours and celebrating the season’s festivities such as Halloween. It’s a time for comfort and crisp mornings. The space you are designing can echo the outside in with so many seasonal ideas to play with.

Country Living Home Design Editor, Ben Kendrick said: “Autumn offers a wealth of inspiration, with its burst of beautiful colours evoking a sense of warmth and comfort. Earthy amber, burnt orange and rich red are inviting and well-suited to use indoors.”(1)

See our top five tips to bring Autumn into the room.

1. Warm lighting

Warm lighting

We’ve had the bright sunshine of summer and now we’re moving into warmer, softer lighting outside. Using a warm bulb or shade to create a warmer light emission can transform a room to make it more homely and cosy. This would work very well in a private residence or chill out commercial area. Many brands now have eco-friendly bulbs you can use, or alternatively limit the number appliances to create the same effect or use candlelight.

2. Fire features

Fire features

Nothing says it’s getting cold outside more than snuggling up to a lovely warm fire. Whether it is a traditional authentic wood burning fire or an electric digital image, your space will be transformed into the season with a fire feature.

Wall mounted fireplaces are still a big deal, especially as a space saver in smaller interiors. Direct Fireplaces said: “They’re highly versatile, some models don’t even need a chimney, and they can be placed anywhere in the home.”(2)

3. Wooden furnishings

Wooden furnishings

Real, rugged, polished and exposed wood can all really bring the outside in. A versatile material, you can use wood for anything from shelving, to features and functional furniture. The trick is to not go too overboard as to make a room seem smaller. There’s a key balance, and when you find it your interior will scream seasonal interior design trend.

4. Leafy prints

Leafy prints

Colourful fallen leaves are what springs to the mind of any person thinking of what Autumn is all about. Echo this seasonal connotation with orange, yellow and brown leaf furnishings such as throws, matts, pictures or natural ornaments. Feeling particularly bold go a step further and cover a feature wall in leafy wallpaper.

5. Autumnal colours

Autumnal colours

If you’re only looking to inject a seasonal feel to your space for a short period, adding a splash of autumnal colour will be a quick treat. Grab some orange or red cushions and arrange in seating areas alongside a matching throw or rug. For the more extreme anything brown, amber, orange, red or the like on the walls, furnishings or imagery will say “this place is all about Autumn”.

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