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What Is An Expert Witness In Architecture?

Architectural Drawings Expert Witness

In architecture, designing buildings day in and day out can become repetitive and often Architects feel like they need a change. So what can you do if you’re an architect wanting a change of job? One option is to become an expert witness in the architectural field.

This is an unusual, but important role in architecture, for those who have suffered injury or trauma and are in the process of an insurance claim. Becoming an Expert Witness is great for Architects who want to step away from their desk, get out there and meet people, whilst still being able to use their specialist knowledge of building design. It can also give Architects the option of working across the country, or even abroad.

One area that Expert Witnesses are particularly sought after is in the medical, residential, or healthcare field. For people who are disabled or injured, the role of an Expert Witness is crucial in allowing them to continue living within their own home.

An important part of the role entails visiting homes and making an assessment of a person’s disability needs and future house design requirements. From this visit, a survey, photographs, interviews, a floor plan and illustrations are made to create a formal report which assesses housing needs.

This report is crucial for those who are pursuing legal or insurance proceedings, with a view to compensate them for their accident or injury. As an Expert Witness, civil procedure rules set out say that they must assist the court, give an impartial opinion, remain neutral towards any situation and attend court for any hearings as required.

If you are an Architect who is thinking about making a change, then becoming an expert witness may be an option you could explore. Offering generous salary options it can be a well earned change of scenery.