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Ensuring candidates are the right “Cultural Fit” for your business

Cultural Fit

Your candidate has all the right skills, their performance credentials are top notch and they are available to start tomorrow. Great! But are they the right “cultural fit” for your business?

Even if a candidate ticks all the boxes on paper, they may still not be the right person for YOUR job in YOUR business. Yes, they are an Architect with Revit, they can use AutoCAD and have 10+ years’ experience and have applied for your Architecture job. However, this candidate is at a time in their career where they want to scale back with less responsibility. All the while your business has a 5-year plan of extensive growth with a workforce that needs to grow with it. Suddenly this person with all this experience is not so ideal after all.

This is an extreme example but shows how important cultural fit is worth assessing during the hiring process. It’s important to be looking out for key indicators of how this person fits within your business, and more importantly within a team.

Personality traits are also included within this “fit” – are they bubbly or a shrinking violet? Are they too chatty…not chatty enough? How do they feel about change or is routine important? These traits will mean different things to different businesses so only you can assess what matters most to what you are looking for.

Hunter Dunning Architecture Recruitment Consultant, Miranda Butler said: “This is why here at Hunter Dunning we like to talk to companies and find out about their businesses/rewards/soft benefits, atmosphere in the office etc. This way we can make sure we are matching the right person and how they will ‘fit’ into the company.”

After your recruitment agency has “weeded” out all of the CVs which do not align with your business, you can then begin work on your side to get the right people in for interview.

What does their CV say?

When reviewing the CVs that the recruitment agency send over, you can consider a number of points to discover “fit”. What choices did the candidate make in their education? Do their interests align with yours in terms of choice topics. Have they included personal interests? If so does this tell you something about their personability?

During the interview

During the interview process you can assess fit in several ways. When the candidate arrives how do they greet you or your colleagues? Are they friendly? Were they kind to the receptionist? Do they seem interested?

During the interview ask questions such as “what makes you unique” or “If I was to drop you in the middle of Dartmoor with your team what would you do?”. The answers to these questions could speak a lot for the type of person you have in front of you.

Having your recruitment agency first whittle down who best suits your company based on our initial conversation, through to using the above tips, we’re sure you will secure the right person for your role and your business.

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