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Employee perks that benefit both the Employer and Employee

Employee Perks

Company perks can be beneficial to both employers and employees alike. It can help boost morale as well as having great health and financial benefits on both sides.

Offering employee perks is a great way to incentivise new recruits into choosing your company over another or keeping up the drive of your current team.

Choosing the right perks for your company culture will ensure positive staff retention. It can also have great effects on the company financially too. We explore the employee perks that help a company’s health and purse. For example, absences will be reduced, staff will be focused and staff will feel valued.

1. Private health Insurance

Who doesn’t value their health? Health Insurance is a great benefit for employees as it gives them peace of mind that if something unfortunate were to happen, they will receive the best care. It is also beneficial for the employer – you know your employee is going to get fast effective care for their ailment, meaning they’ll be back to work in tip top condition before you know it. A good example is our Project Architect job in Sevenoaks, Kent. Our client is offering medical insurance, health cover and life insurance!

2. Flexible working

Work-life-balance is fundamental to employees and catering to this is paramount. Flexible working allows employers to fit their life around their work or vice-versa, such as childcare which eases one of life’s many stresses. Happy, non-stressed employees make for more loyal, healthy and productive workers. Our client who is seeking a Part II Architectural Assistant in Clerkenwell, London lists flexible working amongst their long list of what the employee gets back.

3. Gym Membership

Exercise has no end of benefits on the body and a healthy employee is an attentive and occupied employee. Offering discounted or even better, free gym membership will encourage your staff to take that fitness “leap” and get on/stay on the road to an active lifestyle, reducing doctors’ visits and sick days. Our Project Architect in Sherbourne, Dorset vacancy lists gym membership as one of the role’s perks.

4. Cycle-to-Work Scheme

The Cycle-to-Work Scheme loans the employee up to £1,000 tax free to spend on a bike and accessories, with affordable monthly repayments. Bike riding has several health benefits for the rider ensuring optimum health at work. Plus exercise kick starts the mind and body for a productive day. The scheme also benefits the environment with lower emissions and benefits the employer who doesn’t need to shell out for expensive parking permits or late employees from traffic jams and breakdowns. Our client who is seeking an Associate Architect in Chelsea, London offers the Cycle to Work Scheme.

5. Training Packages

Offering a set budget or itemised training allowance to employees is a good way of showing you care about their career progression within the company. It also helps to up-skill the workforce to push the workplace forward. A good example of a training package is our Residential Property Manager job Manchester. This vacancy lists specific training and professional development the candidate will receive.

With so much competition on the market, and a bank of well qualified, good candidates it is important to ensure your benefits package is appealing to potential and existing staff.

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