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Do's & Don't When Recruiting - A Recruiters Expectations

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It’s no secret that companies and candidates have a certain view on recruiters, but what about a recruiter’s views and expectations?  We have listed our top reasons to work with and not work with certain clients and candidates and what our expectations are when working with them.

Recruitment agencies have been stereotyped and usually get tarnished with the same brush; Too pushy, too many irrelevant CV’s or the other end of the spectrum, not sending any candidates over at all or simply not providing a high-quality service. So, what about the ones who are doing it right?

Many companies stick to the same agency they know because it’s familiar to them but it may not necessarily be the best match. Whether they work together as they have a personal relationship or maybe it’s a lifelong low fee that they are charged, it doesn’t mean that the service will provide high quality candidates or a quick turn-around.

Our experts here at Hunter Dunning have given some insight into why they do and don’t choose to work with certain companies and candidates. Here’s a list of some things that we have experienced previously that have won or lost clients that dream candidate or a candidate that dream job.


  • Minimal job spec but requiring someone with a specific amount of experience and skills. We are not mind readers, so unless you tell us what you need we don’t know
  • Have a lengthy and unjustified interview process – Multiple interviews and extended gaps between interviews. This is one of the top ways to lose that dream candidate by making them wait too long
  • Unrealistic client expectations = Champagne candidates for lemonade budgets. If you want the best of the best with every skill possible and a senior amount of experience, then prepare to pay more
  • Have unrealistic expectations for commercial terms – We are a specialist technical recruiter; our rates are reflective of our cost of acquisition. In this industry you really do ‘get what you pay for’
  • Ghosting – When clients and candidates choose to go silent on us, normally because of an update of some kind. Just keep us in the loop, that’s all we need. Also, If a certain job or CV isn’t of interest, let us know because otherwise future CV’s or jobs may be similar and we don’t want to waste your time or ours.
  • Having second thoughts on a candidate or job offer but continuing forward due to not wanting to upset anyone. This only ends up in a bit of a mess and a prolonged recruitment process.
  • Employing the candidate and then refusing to pay the fee. This could tarnish your relationship with the recruiter and potentially other recruiters too, meaning employing in the future could be more difficult.


  • Clarity on the role and responsibilities, a good understanding of the software, type of skills, qualifications, etc. – as well as the required start date
  • Commitment to using an agency/a few agencies so that we are not competing against multiple other companies and potentially wasting our time, yours and the candidates
  • Good understanding of the recruitment process, i.e. how many interviews, who is interviewing, what is involved in the process and when a decision will be made. These can help us when giving our candidates a timeframe to work by when they’re making decisions or looking to hand their notice in.

Architecture Recruitment Consultant Miranda Butler says:

“I work with companies who take pride in who they employ and care about securing the right person through a quality recruitment process, and to keep them for the long term.

Companies are making an investment when hiring Architects, Technicians, Assistants etc – an investment in their people and attracting the right talent to support this ensures the longevity of the practice. The organisations that care about this are the ones that I want to partner with and provide candidates that equally share this ideology.”

Hunter Dunning work with highly reputable firms such as Bellway Homes, DLA Design, ECE Architecture, Berkeley Homes, Tate Hindle, Formation, NORR Architects, ADAM Architecture, HNW, Places for people, and that’s just to name a few. We respect and nurture our clients as they do us and this has made us who we are today.


Tim Hall (Managing Director) – Lewis & Hickey
“Lewis and Hickey have worked with Hunter Dunning for many years and the service has always been excellent — we have employed some high quality staff via them and have agreed long term conditions.”

Mark Osman-Barter
“I first came across Hunter Dunning in 2014 when they approached me for the position I now hold. Since then I have enjoyed a close working relationship with them, focussing on our recruitment needs and successfully placing 3 candidates with their help. Their team has a very personable approach and is always willing to assist.” 23rd November 2017

Rachel De Cesaro – Scenario Architecture
“Hunter Dunning is one of the best agencies we work with. They really listen to our requirements and make sure to only send relevant candidates. This should be something that all agencies do, but unfortunately, they don’t, so Hunter running does stick out.” 14th February 2018

Phill Munford – Managing Director – Cowan Architects
“Our business is one that requires senior, highly qualified staff, who in the main are already successful in their own right. Joe Synes and his team at Hunter Dunning have been able not only to identify candidates who meet the basic brief of qualification and requisite experience but also have been able to match our culture and values with that of the candidate. This we believe is the real skill, whereby a candidate that has been put forward by Hunter Dunning invariably will be interviewed by ourselves. They understand both our business and our staffing needs.

A refreshing change from the norm in the recruitment world.”

Alex Naraian PCIAT ICIOB, Senior Associate Director – Strutt & Parker BNP Paribas Real Estate Private Property Projects & CIAT President
“Miranda has been a real gem. Down to earth and very attentive. Always goes the extra mile and it has been a pleasure to have her represent me. Can’t speak highly enoigh of Miranda and the team at Hunter Dunning.” 26th July 2019

Dave Upton
“It very much felt like they were by my side very step of the way during the interview process.”

Find more of our testimonials here.


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