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Don’t let your job search take over your time off

Time Management tips

Time Management and planning is key to ensuring that job seekers can enjoy their days off, instead of worrying they’ll be taken up by job searching and applying.

Does it sometimes feel like you could do with more hours in the day to get your work/job seeking/life done? With so many bank holidays in quick succession and the holiday period approaching, time is getting away from us!

We’ve devised a list of tried and tested time management tactics and job seeking tips to help you get your search and applications done efficiently. This frees you up to enjoy the sunshine.

1. Sign up to jobs alerts

Why spend hours searching for relevant jobs when the jobs can land in your inbox? Most job boards have this function. Sign up to Hunter Dunning’s “jobs by email” on our jobs page here and click “Sign up for Job Alerts”.

2. Have tailored CVs on standby

Companies want to see CVs that are tailored to the specific job they are recruiting for. This can be a timely task if candidates are applying for all and every job out there. It is worth thinking more about what you want to be doing and going into. Also consider how this relates to your own experience. Then create bank of CVs to suit these categories; e.g Mid-Weight Interior Designer for High-End Residential.

3. Have your portfolio ready

Alongside your tailored CVs, it’s best to ensure your portfolio is compiled and ready to go when a position arises. It is best to have all portfolio items within one file, preferably PDF and low resolution as not to blast inboxes. You can always provide a better-quality image on request.

4. Pre-empt Interview times

Interviews are scheduled at a time to suit both you and the employer. Have an idea of when you are available for interviews so you are ready to give options or confirm/decline your availability at the time. You can even go as far as to state on your application when you could come in for a formal/informal meeting.

5. Trust your Consultant

Simply put, your Recruitment Consultant wants to place you! This means they will do everything in their power to make this happen. You can rest assured that if we have your information, we are looking for the best job to suit your needs. We will speak to employers about what is great on your CV and we will keep in touch with all the jobs that suit your skill set. Don’t call us as we will 100% call you!

Let us do the hard work of finding a job for you so you can concentrate on interview techniques and career wins. As an exclusive candidate, we can offer professional advice as experts in our field, time and cost saving solutions and a quality service. See more about us here.

To search our current jobs visit http://louisec22.sg-host.com and use our search function to find that perfect job in Interior Design, or maybe a job in Architecture. We also have a number of jobs in property.

Want to speak directly to the team? Great! Contact us here or on 01243 779789.