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Don’t let your CV get you hacked

CV Cyber Security

Your Curriculum Vitae (CV) contains necessary information to land you that perfect property job with us. Your CV may also contain information that leave you vulnerable to getting hacked.

We’ve rounded up five items that you should be wary of when designing your CV or applying for jobs.

1.) Date of birth

Equal opportunities means that your date of birth is not required on your CV or application. Hunter Dunning no longer include this on its registration and in-line with GDPR we will not process your date of birth.

2.) Full name or Maiden name (if changed)

First name and surname is all that is required on your CV or application. Middle names are not a necessity and could be giving away more than you need to.

Similarly, if you use your marital surname there is no need to provide your maiden name. This could lead to you easily being the victim of identity fraud as it is widely used as security information.

3.) National Insurance Number

Your national insurance number is used to ensure you are paying the correct National insurance contributions and tax. It also acts as a reference number when communicating with the Department for Work and Pensions and HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC). As such until you have been accepted for a role you do not need to provide this information.

4.) Email address

Your general email is typically used for all of your online activity. This includes social media, memberships and more. This makes you highly searchable. Not only does this mean potential employers can search for you and see your personal social media profiles, it also makes you vulnerable to having not just your email account, but all activity online. Instead, create a disposable email address that is specifically for your job search and applications. Keep it professional, i.e. t.smitharchitect@gmail.com.

5.) Using the same password across accounts

Quite often, in order to remember our passwords we keep them the same for all of our accounts. This is not considered best practice and leaves you vulnerable to a cyber attack generally. At the very least we would advise you against using the same password for your job application as your email address account.

Lee Biggins, founder and managing director of CV-Library said: “Not only is your email account a gateway to a vast amount of information, hackers could also use your email account to access many of your other personal accounts. Therefore, it’s important to follow the government’s advice on using a strong and separate password for email accounts, as well as installing the latest software and app updates.”

Your online safety is of great importance to us at Hunter Dunning. With all of the above in mind our online applications do not require a password and we will get the absolute necessary information we need for registration and no more. We will only share your CV with potential employers with your explicit permission to do and not before.

Let us do the hard work of finding a job for you so you can concentrate on interview techniques and career wins. As an exclusive candidate, we can offer professional advice as experts in our field, time and cost saving solutions and a quality service. See more about us here.

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