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Don't leave your candidates hanging for a job offer

Don't leave your candidates hanging

Too often we have to deliver the unfortunate news to a client that the candidate has accepted a job elsewhere due to the length of time it took them to make an offer.

Your recruitment consultant has sifted through all of the applications for the Architect job you have. We have narrowed it down and sent you the best ones and you picked the shining stars for interview. Now is the hard part. Which of these impressive applicants do you want to offer the job to?

We know it can be a very hard decision to choose which of your interviewees to offer the architect position to. This is especially the case if all of their CVs were strong and they interviewed well. You need to take a bit of time to weigh up the pros and cons of the individuals and who would be the best fit for your business; both professionally and culturally (see our cultural fit article for more information about this).

The problem is, while you are spending time deliberating, your candidates are likely having interviews elsewhere and may even get offers in before you do. Typically, we advise not to leave an offer any longer than a week. This is because your applicant will either lose interest because they already think they’ve failed, or they have another offer as they’ve been to interviews in the interim. Here are some points to consider so you don’t lose good applicants.

1.) One shining star?

If you have one applicant that would be perfect for the role compared to their competition, don’t delay, offer them the job asap. Sometimes it’s a no brainer, they’re perfect, so what are you waiting for? Being keen is not a negative and believe it or not, will not effect your bargaining power.

2.) Two’s a crowd

You have two great applicants but just one position available. They’re head to head but you don’t want to take too long deciding who is the better one and risk losing both. Set aside some time in advance of the first interview to be prepared for a potential second interview. This will ensure there is no delay and also sets expectations from your candidates. Once you have decided between them, make them an offer as soon as possible!

3.) Is another position more suited?

You know your interviewee isn’t quite right for the position they’ve interviewed for, but you think this person would still be great in your organisation. Whether you already have another position in mind they’d be good for, or want to create a position for them, your recruitment consultant can guide you through how this could work.

Most importantly though, open communication about your plan/ideas needs to be aired so that the candidate can be kept in the loop and not lose interest. It’s a big decision finding the budget, but one that could be made a bit quicker?

4.) Someone called a Dr

You’ve had a candidate call in sick so you have to postpone their interview. While no one asks to be sick it shouldn’t hinder their chances for a job, but equally you don’t want to leave your other candidates hanging. In this instance ask your Recruitment Consultant to let the other applicants know that there may be a delay due to sickness. They’ll appreciate being kept in the loop and to know they are still in for a chance and not being ignored.

The main theme running through these suggestions is transparency and communication. Job vacancies, interview results and so forth do not need to be a secretive affair. Keep your Recruitment Consultant in the loop of what’s happening, and they will do the job of nurturing your applicants for you. Another thing to note, once you know for sure, don’t delay – make that offer!

Similarly, after making the offer, don’t just forget about them until the start date. Here’s how to Keep your new recruit buzzed for their first day.

Having your recruitment agency first whittle down who best suits your company based on our initial conversation, through to choosing the right setting for the suitability of your company and role, we’re sure you will secure the right person for your role and your business.

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