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Do you have your RICS Membership yet?

RICS Membership

RICS Membership ensures you have access to all of the latest industry knowledge as well as an extra string to your bow in recognition of your own expertise in the field.

The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) is the global professional body that promote and enforce top international standards. This includes, but not limited to valuation, management and development of land, real estate, construction and infrastructure industry. See more about RICS UK here

With a number of benefits that go hand-in-hand with membership, it makes sense to look into joining. Once you’ve passed the required assessments in order to become either a RICS Associate Member or a RICS Chartered Member, you can look forward to benefiting from your hard work.

We’ve highlighted some of the main reasons you might want to join RICS membership.

1.) Networking opportunities

Becoming a member of RICS opens up an entire community of like-minded like-skilled professionals for you to connect with across the globe. Meet them through virtual and physical channels, events, webinars and more.

2.) Expertise

Be kept up-to-date with everything that is happening in the industry through regular updates from professional standards, ethical guidance, sector-specific advice and regulatory help.

3.) Remuneration increase

According to RICS “RICS members in the UK earn on average £16,000 more each year than non-members”. This is likely because it is claimed that members have access to all of the information and connections that non-RICS members do not, so carry more value in their membership and knowledge..

4.) Employability

As above, the sheer access to the network, information, skills etc makes members that much more employable on these grounds. Access to over 800 courses, conferences and events mean there is no shortage or learning opportunities to enhance employability.

5.) Have your say

RICS members can have their say by participating in the regular market surveys and consultations. RICS said: “2019 will focus on subjects including the future of the surveying profession and fighting money laundering.”

What others say

“Walking through the journey to become MRICS has broadened my horizons and been rewarding. This valuable experience has not only strengthened my skillset, but also offered me open doors that have opened my eyes to career choices, changes and development.” ~ Peony So MRICS

“I like to compare my RICS membership with the Premier League. It shows my clients I’m part of the world’s leading professional body, which gives them the confidence they are in good hands.” ~ Susan Perdijk MRICS

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*This article has not been written, endorsed by or represented of any member of or staff from RICS.