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Celebrating women in a previously male dominated industry

Women in Architecture

Today is International Women’s Day. Women around the world are celebrating and embracing their rights as women on this annually recognised event in the pursuit of gender equality. Woman in the property industry included!

International Women’s day has been officially celebrated globally on 8th March every year since the United Nations adopted it in 1975. Originally it was just celebrated by Soviet Russia and the socialist movement and communist countries.

Women in Architecture

Initiatives such as the Women in Architecture Awards and the heightened publicity of historic female architects such as Denise Scott Brown have ensured that women are becoming more recognised in what used to be a very male dominated industry.

The Women in Architecture Campaign, is in association with The Architectural Review and the Architects’ Journal and is now in its 8th year. This Campaign holds several activities. These include a survey, partner programme and a series of events and awards. These show the best design from female Architects and industry role models across the globe. The activities have one aim – to seek to change the profession for the better for women all over the world.

When accepting her award, the winner of this year’s Architect of the Year award, Sheila O’Donnell said: “It’s a great honour. We still need the WIA prize. It’s about celebration.

“There’s something very special about having a group of just women talking about architecture. It shines a spotlight on the problems we still have. Until we have equal pay and the other problems are sorted out we do still need the WIA awards.”

See more about the Women in Architecture Campaign here.

Property Industry

It’s not just architecture that we see a continued inequality between men and women. It has recently been publicised in the media that many job descriptions are written with a degree of gender bias. This is especially true for roles that are traditionally seen as “male”.

Hunter Dunning Managing Director, Joe Synes said: “As a recruitment agency specialising in Property, we are very aware that many jobs in our industry are considered “for men”. Despite this perception, we are conscious to ensure all our jobs are fair and accessible regardless of gender. Our clients are equally sensitive and on board with diversity. We spoke with one client recently who reported that 100% of their surveying team were female as they were the best fit for the job.”

With these changing attitudes the gender gap is decreasing. Job recognition is becoming more based on merit and not gender, race, religion or orientation. It is hoped this trend continues as we still have some way until bias is no longer a feature in the workplace.

Property Design & Maintenance Recruitment Specialists

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