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Bye bye Christmas, hello style

Post Christmas tree interior Design

The Christmas tree is now packed away and decorations sparkling in a box waiting for next year. There is also now a big space in your home or office just waiting to be filled! Here’s where you can get creative and put your Interior Design Skills to great use in your own environment.

Just for fun, we’ve come up with a number of options which could nicely fill this empty space, but can easily be rehomed as the festive season begins in 2019.

1.) Tall plant

Bringing nature and natural decorations into your home will not only brighten your environment but it also has health benefits too. According to the RHS, houseplants “improve air quality by trapping and capturing pollutants, help us to breathe more easily. Likewise, they provide a wide range of mental and physical health benefits.”

Some tall plants which improve air quality and look great include; dragon plants, Madagascar dragon tree and Bamboo Palm.

2.) Human statue

apartment architecture Statue
Are you a fan of the Ancient civilisations? Add some ancient culture into your home will a statue of the Roman Venus or Discobolus from Greece. A human statue can bring a sense of personality and diversity to a room as well as being very beautiful.

3.) Sculpture

architecture art
Similar to the human statue, a sculpture can really bring a room into its own. Whether it is made by a well-known name or a local artist, add a touch of something unique to your room. It is bound to be an ice breaker for your guests before you know it.

4.) Lamp

apartment architecture lamp
A firm favourite. A lamp will literally “brighten” a room, but also with so many styles out there you can be very creative with your choice and positioning.

5.) Nothing

Minimalist Living room
Sometimes less is more, and that corner or space where the Christmas tree occupied may be just as well left alone until next Christmas.

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