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Are digital interviews the way forward?

Digital interviews

We are skyrocketing through the digital age at 100 miles an hour. As a result, we must be mindful that all aspects of our professional lives are becoming digital too – interviews included.

As more and more jobs become remote, or candidates/roles require relocation, the initial interviews may call for an electronic discussion in preference to face-to-face. But what if interviews in general could benefit from being digital regardless of location?

Want to recruit someone into an Interior Design job? Or maybe you are a candidate looking for property recruitment? Here’s a list of reasons why a “Skype” call could be better than face-to-face for that first interview…


It is not only the digital age that is going 100 miles an hour, it is our workloads too. Why not cut down some of that extra time – travelling, booking out meeting rooms – even tea making time. Both recruiter and candidate are likely very short on the time they can offer, and a digital interview only requires an agreement on an interview time and a click of a button.


With the cost of petrol and train fares going up, do we really want to be paying these expenses when we can have an online conversation for free? Not to mention the reduction in resource costs for setting up meeting rooms and refreshments.

Technical abilities:

Using an online conference call facility for an interview shows the interviewer that the candidate is proficient at using new media technologies, and therefore likely confident at using digital tools in their potential new role.

One-click evidence:

During the interview process, the interviewer may want to see evidence of certain work within the candidate’s portfolio. While many may bring hard copies of their work to face-to-face interviews, sometimes these are not up-to-date or may take time to locate the exact piece being referred to. With a digital call you can send the exact file at the click of a button without the fuss of sifting through pages or having missing parts.

Character Assessment:

An open screen can be an open window into who the candidate is. This is an opportunity for the candidate to show off their personality and the recruiter to better get to know the applicant. Is an appropriate setting chosen? Is the environment clean and tidy? Are there any things in the background to give an idea of personality and interests?

Of course, with all benefits come drawbacks – what happens if you have technical issues, the line is not strong enough, etc. However, the benefits likely outweigh these overall for both the recruiter and the candidate.

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