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Apply in time to start your new career from New Year

Apply in time to start your new career from New Year

Dare we say it, it’s not long until the new year begins! This means it’s already time to start your job search if you’re planning to start your new career come January 2020.

We’re now officially in Autumn. While we’re sad to say goodbye to the summer, we’re looking forward to those cosy nights in and hot chocolate (or double espresso to keep us going). This is also the perfect time to start that all important job search. Starting now means you get applications, interviews, offers and notice periods wrapped up by Christmas so you can start your dream job early next year.

What timing expectations should you have?

The average recruitment process can take up to two months (sometimes longer depending on notice periods). The recommended timeframe is between two and four weeks. Here’s the general process:

  • You send your CV across which will get reviewed within 2 weeks
  • It may take one or two weeks to schedule an interview time which suits both you and the client
  • Second interviews may then be conducted if there are a number of strong candidates. This could take an additional week or two depending on people’s diaries
  • Choosing the best candidate may then take an additional amount of time.

At this point the process has taken three-five weeks. It seems a long time but actually this is quite standard. Your Recruitment Consultant will do their utmost to speed up the process for you but getting this right for both parties is the main priority.

You’ve been offered the job – how exciting! Now it’s just your notice period you’re battling through so you can start your new dream job. This could be one to three months depending on your contract with your existing employer. As such best to get your notice handed in as soon as possible to get the process moving.

The reason we suggest getting your searches and applications in as soon as possible is because you don’t want the process to last through Christmas if you can help it. Directors and decision makers (like everyone) may go away with their families or take annual leave during December. Therefore the chances of hearing back from an interview in December will be lower than usual. Worth baring in mind when you’re procrastinating over sending your CV over to us.

What can YOU do to alleviate the wait?

  • Get your application in early and no later than mid-October
  • Make your CV and portfolio stand out using the tips offered here on our career advice blog
  • Make an outstanding impression in your interview with following this interview guide
  • Once you’ve had an offer, don’t be afraid to show your enthusiasm by getting in touch to check in with the employer or offer any information they may need to help with the HR process their end.

Something to remember; if the company you’re applying to work for is a reputable and attractive company, the recruitment process may take a little longer due to the quantity of candidates applying for the same role. Don’t let this extra wait get you down, it doesn’t mean you are unsuccessful in landing the position.

What we do ask is please leave any job-related communication between the employer and Recruitment Consultant until you’ve had an offer. Too many times we have had candidates go direct to the employer for post interview feedback and it has cost them the job as it is deemed a breach of trust. Trust us, we want you to get the job as much as you do and we’re doing everything we can to make that happen.

Get your job search started today with our current vacancies here.

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